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Sustainable | Relevant | Design   &   Rebuilding      

What it means for you . . .




  • All design is based on the United States Green Building Council [USGBC] Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design [LEED] or compatible environmentally responsible criteria. Whether you choose to enroll in the LEED program or not you still receive the expertise that 30 years of experience garners.

  • John Klockeman, FAIA, has been a LEED Accredited Professional since 2006 and earned a degree in Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota. Klockeman has been promoting environmentally conscious design since the late 1970's.

  • His most recent project while with Opus Architects & Engineers was a new Center for Leadership Studies at Kansas State University - a LEED Gold project. Prior to the KSU project, Mr. Klockeman worked with Creighton University on The Harper Center to Student Life and Learning - a hybrid academic resource center and student center - and Opus Hall - a 100-unit student housing complex on the campus pedestrian mall extension.

  • Both these projects, while not electing to take the USGBC route, showcased sustainable planning and design practices to reduce their energy footprint and orient to capture solar benefits and buffer winter winds. This same expertise and flexibility in realizing your project goals are available to you.




  • Experience:  Over 30 years of experience putting buildings together effectively and with common sense.

  • Reputation:  Renowned as an architect who fully understands the science of building

  • Professional:  Elevated to Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 2009, his fellowship submission was singled out as one of the top entries in the nation and resides today on as a "best practices" example for other submitters to use as a template. The submission highlights a long track record of community and institute impact.

  • Project Management:  Klockeman has an industry track record of thoroughness and comprehensive resolution of construction related detailing, scheduling, master planning, site planning, and a full range of fully integrated services to get your project off the ground the right way.

  • Cost Effective:  Through proven experience we steer you clear of the naive assemblies and poorly considered component that can compromise your building investment. These poorly considered parts unnecessarily complicate your building, drive up costs, and reduce your value. Instead REBUILD STUDIO | LLC focuses on effectively delivering the best, most responsive project that meets your needs and expands your expectations. 




  • REBUILD STUDIO | LLC reconnects exceptional design results with exceptional energy and environmental performance to insist that the two aren't mutually exclusive. We work to clients and builders to produce a workable, beautiful, cutting edge technological solutions that mesh with your long-term, facility goals and objectives.

  • We take great pride in going the extra mile to solve your project needs with creativity, ingenuity, and spirit. These are the ingredients that set apart exceptional built projects that continue to perform in exceeding expectations well into their life cycles. These projects produce a synergy that is greater than the sum of their parts.

  • Exceptional results require exceptional people. Together with clients committed to exceptional environmental responsibility and builders committed to exceptional craftsmanship and project delivery we will produce projects that exceed and excel - not just get by with minimal results; working together toward success.



  • Rebuilding is made up of more than just retrofitting or remodeling or renovating - when done most successfully it is about reimagining . . . the possibilities! Taking the parameters you have, be they fiscal, limited space or zoning, and working together to recreate something special . . . new or reimagined . . . residential or commercial . . . to redefine what it is to live effectively in the early 21st Century.

  • REBUILD STUDIO | LLC instills in our design work a common sense approach to matters of being Sustainable [environmentally responsible], Relevant [fiscally and technically sound] and tuned in to Design [planning to include timeless features that won't wither]

  • In the end it boils to down to working effectively with people - not around them - to achieve something unique and inspired while staying honest and real.

  • The time for wasting resources is over - let's work together to achieve a higher standard.

John Klockeman



  • Received professional architectural degree - Bachelor of Architecture - from the University of Minnesota

  • Received a Bachelor of Environmental Design also from the University of Minnesota – numerous other training sessions for software applications, etc.

  • Registered as an Architect in Minnesota and Wisconsin

  • National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) certification to streamline licensing in other states

  • Registered Architect Inactive Status in Iowa, North Dakota, Florida and Oregon

  • Certified Interior Designer in the State of Minnesota

  • In 2006, achieved the designation of LEED Accredited Professional from the US Green Building Council

  • 2009, elevated to Fellow of the American Institute of Architects


Specific Skills:


  • Public Speaking – Comfortable / effective at speaking in front of any sized group | excellent presentation skills / top notch client skills

  • Project Management – proven planning, scheduling and budgeting skills along with MS Project skills, served as the Architectural Project Manager on all the projects I’ve been involved with for the last 13 years which were all delivered on time and on budget – assemble fee proposals, negotiated / wrote contracts with sub-consultants – established / maintained internal budgets while managing team’s productivity and work load – experienced in public/municipal, civic, commercial and corporate project types

  • Time management and organizational skills and the ability to multi-task | excellent customer service orientation

  • Proven Architectural detailing, redlining and technical skills are exceptional especially on projects with a high degree of complexity – able to handle the production and coordination of several project concurrently – excellent follow-through for the entire project’s development from early design to Certificate of Occupancy

  • Promotional | Marketing Skills – excellent graphic design, writing and interviewing skills, skilled with Adobe InDesign

  • Rhinoceros 3D and Solidworks for 3D Modeling – used at RTC for curved framing design and fabrication

  • AutoCAD and SketchUP proficiency – also was responsible for the early adoption of Revit at Blumentals in 2003 and have recently received Revit Manager’s Training – MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access – Adobe PhotoShop, Acrobat and Illustrator, Quickbooks (he has recently received training updates on MS Access and Quickbooks)

  • People Skills | Client Skills | Marketing Skills are exceptional as are coaching and mentoring skills regarding developing staff – has consistently exhibited excellent client relation values – as comfortable with clients as with designers reviewing concepts or technical team members hashing out complex details – comfortable and successful handling large project teams / less experienced individuals


Professional Activities:


  • In 2009 elevated to Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in the category of “Leadership of the Institute”

  • Selected as one of two outstanding submissions in that category – submission posted on the website as an example of best practices

  • Four years as member of the AIA National Board of Directors’ Knowledge Committee (an elected position – elected twice)

  • Three years as a member of the AIA National Housing Committee – Chair in 2003

  • Three years as a member of the AIA National Affordable Housing Task Force

  • Presenter at numerous AIA National Convention, AIA Grassroots and AIA Board Knowledge Committee meetings

  • Ten years service on the AIA Minneapolis Board of Directors / President in 1993

  • Five years on the AIA Minnesota Board of Directors

  • Selected to participate in two AIA National Strategic Planning Retreats

  • Two Awards of Recognition from AIA Minneapolis

  • AIA Minnesota Presidential Citation for leading the Design Advisory Group for the new Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis

  • Involved in affordable housing design and advocacy efforts since the inception of the nationwide AIA Search for Shelter Committee. A charter member of the AIA Minnesota Search for Shelter Committee (now the Housing Advocacy Committee), often a team leader on the committee's ongoing, annual design charrette weekend workshops and has been a frequent chair of the group.


Community Activities:


  • Northfield Annexation Steering Committee –  master planning a newly annexed 500+ acre parcel

  • Chair of the Bridgewater Township Planning Commission since its inception in 2007. Has overseen the writing of a completely new Comprehensive Plan for the township, successfully facilitated numerous community meetings as well as the creation and adoption of a new Zoning Ordinance all within the first six months of the Commission’s existence.

  • Commissioner Dundas Planning Commission (Bridgewater Township representative)

  • Chaired a design workshop in Northfield on community design issues like parking, gateways to the city and pedestrian / bike trails

  • Chaired the Citizen Transportation Task Force for Northfield and the surrounding area in 2000




REBUILD STUDIO | LLC                           Dundas, Minnesota
October 2010 – Current

  • REBUILD STUDIO•LLC is rebuilding the craft and ingenuity of architecture with the planet in mind

  • Owner | President of REBUILD STUDIO•LLC

  • Proposal for retrofit of existing Kohl’s Department Stores storefronts

  • Free lance writing assignment for professional trade publications

  • Proposal for new approach to hospital headwall design


Radius Track Corporation                        Minneapolis, Minnesota                 
May 2009 – July 2010

  • RTC is a world leader in curved framing solutions – 3D Modeling and Custom Curved Framing

  • Design Manager for the Design Department of up to 4 staff which prepared quotes and interpreted the design concepts of architects and structural engineers

  • Joined firm in 2009 and was instrumental in redesigning and executing a totally re-worked website, wrote majority of the narrative and have written several published trade magazine articles on curved framing fabrication breakthroughs


Opus Architects & Engineers, Inc.         Minnetonka, Minnesota                 
2004 - January 2009

  • Manager, (Project Manager) Architecture for special projects (higher education) promoted in 2005

  • Joined firm in 2004 as Associate Manager, Architecture (Project Manager title is reserved for construction at Opus)

  • Served as the Regional Manager (main contact and liaison) for Seattle | Portland | Denver offices of Opus Northwest

  • Led Opus A&E-Minneapolis sustainability and continuing education efforts – called firm’s best staff coach and mentor

  • Significant projects at Creighton University ($40 M Student/Academic Resource Center + 100-Unit Student Housing Project) and Kansas State University (School of Leadership Studies), apartment tower in Seattle (1200 Madison), five-story office building in Houston, Texas, four-story tilt construction office outside of Denver, Colorado, large retail “lifestyle” center in Seattle

  • Recruited to join Opus A&E through a search firm while CEO of Blumentals/Architecture Inc.


Blumentals / Architecture, Inc.              Brooklyn Center, Minnesota                      

  • CEO and part owner of the firm from 2002-2004 | Joined firm as Executive Vice President in 2000

  • Served as Project Manager on projects such as the re-imaging and addition to the Brooklyn Center Civic Center, which included a total reworking and phased execution of its reorganized city offices and recreational center

  • Designed, documented and managed multiple office churning | interior remodeling projects for Hennepin Co. as a preferred vendor

  • Designed, documented and managed many multi-family, low-income housing projects for modernization and stabilization with MHFA

  • Spearheaded updates in technology and business practices to align firm with current practices

  • In charge of and produced firm’s marketing / promotional materials as well as project construction documents, technical review and specifications writing – provided in-house staff training and arranged vendor lunch presentations

  • Hanson | Sylte Residence and Workforce | Low-Income Housing


Professional Design Group, Inc.             Northfield, Minnesota                   

  • Led Architecture Department of Structural Engineering / Architecture firm

  • Project Manager, Architect of Record, Marketing Strategies and Coordinator, and Specifications Writer

  • Landed significant projects with:

  • Multiple projects for Malt-O-Meal Corporation, Northfield, including a new rolled oat production facility in northern Iowa in partnership with Malt-O-Meal

  • Large addition to Brown Printing in Waseca, Minnesota, including palletizing systems and storage layouts

  • Christ the King Retreat Center, Buffalo, new master plan and implementation of significant addition, new circulation

  • Northfield Public Schools, New Middle School and alterations to the existing high school

  • Senior Independent Living Housing Apartment Building (HUD 202), new medical clinic satellite with Queen of Peace Hospital and a Alzheimer/Dementia Unit for The Lutheran Home Association Campus in Belle Plaine, Minnesota                                                                                                                                                            



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